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January 28-31: Stars, friends&fam, Chinese New Year

By now you’ll have noticed that I am terrible at posting daily… I’ll have to make do with batch thankfulness posts :P [Jan. 28] The sky was so clear and dark you could see all the stars. It was so beautiful, and it was warmer than usual, so I tried to capture a few pics … Continue reading

Lessons learned

Never dry shave legs. Even when in a hurry. First time experiencing razor burn and boy is it unpleasant. Thank goodness for my aloe vera plant. Sidenote: but I’ve dry-shaved my armpits before (TMI?), and they don’t get razor burn… strange… Never step on packed dirt after a rainstorm… my wedges instantly sunk alllllllll the … Continue reading

Voluntary pain

Today, I inflicted pain on myself in 2 ways: P90x Chest & Back workout for the first time Epilating for the first time Which is worse, you ask? Well, I sweat from physical exertion doing P90, (which is kind of nice because you know you’re working your body hard) and I sweat out of┬ápure fear … Continue reading

Depressing, but determined

So I track my daily progress through P90X using a calendar in Word. I record what workout I’ve done in blue, physical activity other than P90 in orange, and when I don’t do anything I write “nothing” in red. P90X is a 6 days a week “extreme fitness” routine, and I started out pretty good … Continue reading

And you thought you could run

These women ran 4×100 relays in Sydney, Australia to raise funds for breast cancer research. The minimum height for running footwear? 3 inch stilettos. And look! They’re so happy! Gotta wonder if some heels broke… and poor feet, to be put through that. I have a morbid interest in giving this a try.

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