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BMI: 94.6

Or 280 kg Or 616 lbs This referral kicked off my week with a bang, to say the least. Broke all records for most morbidly obese patient of mine. I was reeling in shock when I saw the number on my calculator. I didn’t believe it, and had to confirm by finding a BMI calculator on Google … Continue reading

Food myths busted!

Excellent article from the Dietitians of Canada: 5 food myths busted! My fav is the gluten-free fad that’s going around. People think that eating gluten-free is healthier, when really, it’s not. Only people with celiac disease or are gluten intolerant/sensitive benefit from eating gluten-free (since they physically can’t tolerate gluten… lots of unwanted activity on the other … Continue reading

Blue Zones

A naturopath was a guest speaker in one of my classes this week, and one of the things she talked about was a study on Blue Zones. These are the areas in the world where people live the longest and report the highest levels of well-being, and by studying them, they found 9 specific characteristics that … Continue reading

Finally, something unbiased and actually useful

Hope Loblaws rolls out Guiding Stars nationally faster!! Can’t wait to see it in stores. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/food-and-wine/grocery-program-urges-shoppers-to-follow-the-stars-to-better-nutrition/article2168068/ PS. Why does all the cool stuff happen in the US first :( They’ve even got an iPhone app already! 

The Simplified Future

The world of American dietetics has undergone a massive change: It has replaced it’s 19-year-old My Food Pyramid with a brand new guide to healthy eating, My Plate. This new format is exactly what it sounds like: a picture of a plate divided into the recommended portions of food groups. It’s a simple tool, brightly coloured, and … Continue reading

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