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That “1200 Calories” @#$%^

That “1200 Calories” @#$%^ This blog post is so, so, SO spot on!!! (And a wicked read overall) It’s all about body composition people!! I LOVE that this article shows a picture of the progression of a woman’s body from flab to tone, with¬†increasing weight, and I can vouch from personal experience that it is … Continue reading


My little project to grow cherry tomatoes has finally yielded fruit (pun intended). I picked out two types of tomato seedlings from Walmart, “Cupid” (red) and “Yellow Pear” (…yellow). They were supposed to take 72 days to grow and produce fruit, but in a scarce two months, my babies have gone from this:¬† To this: … Continue reading

labour is expensive

No I have not gone into labour, nor am I pregnant. I am referring to what a huge chunk of money goes towards in a landscape project done by a contractor. Conveniently, my parents don’t believe in contractors for “simple” projects, so we did it ourselves. My mom wanted to make a concrete block vegetable … Continue reading

Enjoy…ment? Uh buh??

I’ve recently made it my mini project to learn Chopin’s Fantaisie Impromptu, Op. 66, while I am home and have access to a decent piano (contrast the decrepit ones at school). I’ve always admired this piece, but never had a chance to learn it. And it took me until the week before I leave Calgary … Continue reading

So my mom basically called me butch

when she said, “Grace you should do Pilates instead of [P90x]. It would make you leaner… not so bulky. Fits your frame more.” Thanks mom. Although I suppose she has a point… I don’t think an Asian 5”4 frame was meant to become the ripped machine that P90x promises. Granted, it did kick me into … Continue reading

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