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January 28-31: Stars, friends&fam, Chinese New Year

By now you’ll have noticed that I am terrible at posting daily… I’ll have to make do with batch thankfulness posts :P [Jan. 28] The sky was so clear and dark you could see all the stars. It was so beautiful, and it was warmer than usual, so I tried to capture a few pics … Continue reading

January 20: Finally get to start + good company

Today I am thankful for the phone call that said my training will begin tomorrow. I’m nervous, but looking forward to actually practicing as a dietitian! I’m also super happy we got to share a meal with one of my good friends + her fam from way back when :D Pigging out on breakfast food … Continue reading

January 18: Improvements + family

Tonight, even though my team lost, I felt like it was a good game. We had a comeback in the second half, and I feel like I’m improving! Made a couple solid D’s in the end zone and scored twice. What made it better was that the D’s were on my fall team’s captain teehee … Continue reading

24 Hours Without Smell or Taste

It was just a stuffed nose. Not even the worst I ever had, as I didn’t yet have to resort to breathing through my mouth. I should have known something was wrong when I couldn’t smell the Chinese herbal medicine I was brewing. I thought, “Maybe it’s just a mild-smelling tea.” I should have known … Continue reading

A family Christmas

This Christmas was full of love, laughs, and excessive amounts of delicious, home-cooked food;¬†one of the best. Why? It was baby Sammy’s first Christmas! He spent it passed out while his parents opened his presents for him :) All the kids + significant others + uncles came to see Sammy = mini family reunion! Lots … Continue reading

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