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February 1: Babies + more CNY!

I can’t get enough of my cute little nephew! He’s at that perfect age when they are super duper fun and super duper adorable before the “terrible twos” kicks in. He was particularly mesmerized by his older cousin’s iPad mini and kept wanting to sit on his lap to poke at the screen. He’s also … Continue reading

January 28-31: Stars, friends&fam, Chinese New Year

By now you’ll have noticed that I am terrible at posting daily… I’ll have to make do with batch thankfulness posts :P [Jan. 28] The sky was so clear and dark you could see all the stars. It was so beautiful, and it was warmer than usual, so I tried to capture a few pics … Continue reading

January 25-26: Friends

This weekend was a nutty one, full of good friends both old and new. It’s interesting seeing friendships evolve over the years, and I’m so thankful that these people are in my life. Still adjusting to life back in the hometown, but they make it easier :)

January 21: EMR!!!

Today was my first training day at Foothills. I am so, so, so incredibly happy that all charting is done electronically!!! Efficiency improved by 200%!! No more desperately scribbling out page long initial assessments while glancing at a long patient list!! Just gotta get used to the software…

January 20: Finally get to start + good company

Today I am thankful for the phone call that said my training will begin tomorrow. I’m nervous, but looking forward to actually practicing as a dietitian! I’m also super happy we got to share a meal with one of my good friends + her fam from way back when :D Pigging out on breakfast food … Continue reading

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