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That “1200 Calories” @#$%^

That “1200 Calories” @#$%^ This blog post is so, so, SO spot on!!! (And a wicked read overall) It’s all about body composition people!! I LOVE that this article shows a picture of the progression of a woman’s body from flab to tone, with increasing weight, and I can vouch from personal experience that it is … Continue reading

Food myths busted!

Excellent article from the Dietitians of Canada: 5 food myths busted! My fav is the gluten-free fad that’s going around. People think that eating gluten-free is healthier, when really, it’s not. Only people with celiac disease or are gluten intolerant/sensitive benefit from eating gluten-free (since they physically can’t tolerate gluten… lots of unwanted activity on the other … Continue reading


I just want to give up. Sometimes I just want to curl up in bed with the blankets over my head. Or fly back to the comforts of home. Who doesn’t want life to be easy? For jobs to come falling into my hands? I’ve been job hunting since the end of April, and have … Continue reading

I hate uncertainty.

But hey, who doesn’t? My whole life is currently one giant uncertainty, and has been for the past 5 months and counting. It’s taking a toll. Perhaps the reason why I didn’t want to leave home earlier in September is because home is the only thing secure in my life right now. Despite job chances … Continue reading

define: photographer

In the past few years, the explosion of DSLR technology has enabled many people to call themselves amateur photographers, or even start businesses as “professional” photographers. Many of them depend solely on the camera’s features and Photoshop to produce “great” pictures, with no knowledge of what makes a good photo. Growing up with a father who has … Continue reading

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