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24 Hours Without Smell or Taste

It was just a stuffed nose. Not even the worst I ever had, as I didn’t yet have to resort to breathing through my mouth. I should have known something was wrong when I couldn’t smell the Chinese herbal medicine I was brewing. I thought, “Maybe it’s just a mild-smelling tea.” I should have known … Continue reading

BMI: 94.6

Or 280 kg Or 616 lbs This referral kicked off my week with a bang, to say the least. Broke all records for most morbidly obese patient of mine. I was reeling in shock when I saw the number on my calculator. I didn’t believe it, and had to confirm by finding a BMI calculator on Google … Continue reading

How to easily dice an onion

Hi, I’d like to make your life a whole lot easier. This is a secret a chef taught me back when I took the “restaurant course” in third year. 1) Chop onion in half 2) Peel onion 3) Make horizontal cuts in the onion first, then vertical cuts (as thick as you want) **LEAVE THE … Continue reading

Blue Zones

A naturopath was a guest speaker in one of my classes this week, and one of the things she talked about was a study on Blue Zones. These are the areas in the world where people live the longest and report the highest levels of well-being, and by studying them, they found 9 specific characteristics that … Continue reading

My laptop is telling me to get a new laptop.

My trusty old HP Pavilion dv2000 laptop has served me well for 4.5 years and counting (well technically it got a little revival with a new harddrive and more RAM last year… but still! 4.5 years is not too shabby for an HP laptop that has outlived every single one of its comrades from first … Continue reading

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