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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

I visited Israel as one leg of my Middle East trip in September. This is the Damascus Gate in Old Jerusalem. It’s such a juxtaposition between ancient, 2000+ year old city walls and modern railing, steps, and people walking in and out in business suits. Not to mention the languages I heard around me: Hebrew, … Continue reading

Reflections on my trip to the Middle East

… part 1? I recently spent nearly 3 weeks on a whirlwind tour through Egypt, Jordan and Israel, and am still processing everything I saw and learned (ancient Egyptian history crash course while marveling at the ruins of the temples, tombs and pyramids? Check.). Not to mention STILL going through the 11 250 pictures I took… talk about trigger … Continue reading

My first Hillside, and happy it was

This weekend, I should have been working hard at writing papers, ’cause y’know, I have 3 weeks left of my masters program and uhh deadlines are coming up hard n’ fast. But instead, I spent it out in the sun at Guelph’s annual Hillside Music Festival, at Guelph Lake. I was pretty stressed going into … Continue reading


My little project to grow cherry tomatoes has finally yielded fruit (pun intended). I picked out two types of tomato seedlings from Walmart, “Cupid” (red) and “Yellow Pear” (…yellow). They were supposed to take 72 days to grow and produce fruit, but in a scarce two months, my babies have gone from this:  To this: … Continue reading

The day that changed my life

The day began as usual: coming into the lab, analyzing a shwack of data. At mid-morning, my phone rings: a call from “Private Number” (I rarely get phone calls; if I do, 90% of the time it’s telemarketing). I look at it quizzically, tempted to not answer, but do anyway since I’m stuck in my … Continue reading

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