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January 28-31: Stars, friends&fam, Chinese New Year

By now you’ll have noticed that I am terrible at posting daily… I’ll have to make do with batch thankfulness posts :P

[Jan. 28] The sky was so clear and dark you could see all the stars. It was so beautiful, and it was warmer than usual, so I tried to capture a few pics of the Big Dipper, Orion and Cassiopeia. Still figuring out what the best settings are to use for starlight. Any tips? I used f/2.8, 2.5-3.5 sec exposures, ISO 1000-1600, and set a 2-sec self-timer to minimize shake (with cam on tripod, of course). These are a couple of the better shots, but I really want to improve! (I have a Lumix FZ200, no chance of switching to DSLR any time soon). I should also get to a place darker than my backyard… light pollution like crazy!

My small group also had a farewell dinner for a friend moving to TO to start her career. So exciting! We stuffed our faces with sushi :) Sad to see her go, but wishing her all the best (and wishing I could come too :P)

[Jan. 29] Uncle Bob arrived for a short visit! I decided to take the fam to White Elephant for some uber delicious Thai curry. Early on in the dinner, I bit the tip of my tongue so hard it bled… I was scared for a bit that I wouldn’t be able to continue eating the delicious curry (yes, my priorities are skewed, or right, depending on who’s reading this…). But after awkwardly staunching the flow with my napkin and freezing my tongue on an ice cube, it clotted enough for me to continue eating, slowly and carefully! So thankful I didn’t sever the tip… the curry there is sooooooo gooooooood.

[Jan. 30] More training at Foothills! Getting a bit more comfortable, looking forward to actual coverage. Got lots of reading to do though.

[Jan. 31] Happy Chinese New Year!!!! We had a delicious dinner cooked up by my aunt and her spiritual daughter. She made “poon choy” which is basically a massive bowl (think big mixing bowl) filled to the brim with LAYERS of delicacies: abalone, roast pig, duck, chicken, shrimp “fat choy”, Chinese mushrooms, scallops, sea cucumbers, daikon, taro, other assorted veggies… basically the culinary equivalent to a delectable treasure hunt!! The more you dig into the bowl, the more delicacies you find! No wonder my mom was so excited about it. My aunt made Montreal-style lobster, which is basically lobster stir-fried with ground pork in a delicious sauce, and she gave me a huge claw which took forever to get all the meat out of, but was also so yummy. AND I got to see my cousins and my super cute nephew, who LOVED the leen go my mom made!


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