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January 15: Jireh peeps

Today I am thankful that there are people willing to learn how to study & interpret the Bible in Jireh. I gave a workshop on Biblical hermeneutics i.e. how to study and interpret the Bible, and was encouraged to see some non-committee members come out (and even if they couldn’t come out, express interest for the notes!). The foundation of being a Christ-follower is being in the Word, studying and interpreting it correctly so that it fills our lives and changes us permanently. But ya gotta know know how to do it properly lest you misinterpret truth!

… also thankful that I still have the workshop notes, PowerPoint and handouts so I didn’t have to start from scratch…



2 thoughts on “January 15: Jireh peeps

  1. Good to hear Beau. I came across this great quote on the activity of meditating on the Word recently. Hope it’s encouraging: “Meditation means to let the word descend from our minds into our hearts and thus to become enfleshed. Meditation means eating the word, digesting it, and incorporating it concretely into our lives. Meditation is the discipline by which we let the word of God become a word for us and anchor itself in the center of our being, as well as the wellspring of our actions… The discipline of [reading the Bible] leads us to the road to true inner obedience… When we listen to a sentence, a story, or a parable not simply to be instructed, informed, or inspired but to be formed into a truly obedient person, then the Book offers trustworthy spiritual insight.” – Henri Nouwen, Spiritual Direction.

    Posted by wunming | January 19, 2014, 8:07 pm
    • Great quote Ming. So encouraging. Thanks! You know what’s funny, when Jeff asked them if they’d ever done this kind of Bible study before (observation, interpretation, application), they said they sort of did with you.

      Posted by bygodsgrace | January 19, 2014, 9:52 pm

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