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That “1200 Calories” @#$%^

That “1200 Calories” @#$%^

This blog post is so, so, SO spot on!!! (And a wicked read overall) It’s all about body composition people!!

I LOVE that this article shows a picture of the progression of a woman’s body from flab to tone, with increasing weight, and I can vouch from personal experience that it is 100% true. I also LOVE the picture of 5 lbs of fat vs 5 lbs of muscle – pretty self-explanatory how this whole toning-aka-weight-training-equals-trimming-inches works. Of course, a healthy diet goes hand in hand, but as this brilliant article stated, “dieting” has been emphasized far too much as the be-all, end-all of “losing weight”, which should really be “losing inches” since really, that’s what most women are after when they say they want to lose weight.

In Chinese culture, women are traditionally “supposed to be” petite and delicate (aka thin). We may have done away with foot binding, but the emphasis on weight is still heavily present because of this expectation, more so than in Caucasian cultures. It infuriates me that after a protracted period of time apart, older Chinese adults commonly greet younger Chinese (often female) adults with, “You look like you’ve gained/lost weight.” Instantly judged by your weight before you even get to say “Hi, good to see you again! How’ve you been?” There does not seem to be an understanding that the numbers on the scale do NOT indicate whether you’re toned or flabby, or more importantly how healthy and fit you are. If you happen to be toned/well-muscled but not slim, you’re still viewed as “big” and “need to lose weight”. Not sure about you, but I’d MUCH rather be 130 lbs of healthy, toned MUSCLE than look skinny at 110 lbs and be squishy and weak. Hellooooo (barbell) rack!



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