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I have the exact same sentiments. A place (and people) always seem to freeze at the time I left, so when I think of Calgary and Alberta, I think of it as it was in 2006, including King Ralph, Iggy, and Bronconnier. With all the changes in political figures – Nenshi, Stelmach, and now Redford – the one constant to what Calgary, Alberta meant to me was Jarome Iginla.
Sad to say, I know the Leafs better than the Flames now. Although I am sad to see Iggy leave, like most Calgarians, I wish him all the best in his quest for the ultimate prize in the sport, and when he gets it, I will cheer just as hard for him as a Penguin as I did when he wore the Flaming C.


Before I left for University in 2006, there were two symbols that instilled such a pride and love for my home province that departed suddenly this past week, albeit in dramatically different fashions.

Jarome Iginla wasn’t just a captain of the Calgary Flames (a championship calibre team back in those days), to me he represented the values that Albertans and Canadians all admire and strive for.  Being born in St. Albert and being a lifelong Calgary Flame, he was an ambassador for the home province that I love.

I haven’t been watching much hockey lately, but his trade this week was a final goodbye to a nostalgic connection to my childhood.  And even though he’s been traded from my boyhood team, the team I’d hope he’d get to retire as a Calgary Flame, I know in the years he gets to play out his career, people will still speak as…

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