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BMI: 94.6

Or 280 kg

Or 616 lbs

This referral kicked off my week with a bang, to say the least. Broke all records for most morbidly obese patient of mine. I was reeling in shock when I saw the number on my calculator. I didn’t believe it, and had to confirm by finding a BMI calculator on Google and seeing it there, automated so it couldn’t be wrong…

Ain’t a whole lot diet can do for you at that point. Bariatric surgery is pretttttty much your only option. The sad thing is that he allowed himself to get there in the first place. On the flip side, as a healthcare provider, should you not work as hard as you can to prevent your patient from getting there in the first place? But our healthcare system is too reactive, not proactive and focused on prevention. Western medicine’s gold standard is evidence-based practice – well there’s plenty of evidence in the scientific literature emphasizing the importance of prevention. But the vicious cycle of poor lifestyle choices > poor health > illness > increased risk factors for further disease > disease management is too ingrained in society.

As a bright-eyed, young dietetic intern, my ideal has always been to work to prevent disease before it even has a chance to take hold in someone’s body. Realistically, so many RD jobs are in disease management… will I ever get a chance to work in the area that I want?

I hope that when I look back on this post in 10 years, I’ll be there.




One thought on “BMI: 94.6

  1. Unfortunately, as I’m sure you know, excess food intake that leads to obesity is a coping mechanism for stress/reflection of one’s mental state hence the term ‘comfort food’. Also, as much as the system attempts to promote healthy living and therefore take preventative action, the choice to do so lies with the individual person. So, one must then seek the root problems and address them because you’re right, reactive is well..reactive.

    Posted by fobana | January 18, 2013, 12:44 am

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