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A family Christmas

This Christmas was full of love, laughs, and excessive amounts of delicious, home-cooked food; one of the best. Why?

  1. It was baby Sammy’s first Christmas! He spent it passed out while his parents opened his presents for him :)
  2. All the kids + significant others + uncles came to see Sammy = mini family reunion!
  3. Lots of family came back = epic feasting every single night of our 9 day visit. Even more impressive, every feast was home-cooked except for one! The 4 kids + significant others cooked one meal, and we were all wiped that night. Our moms cooked all the other nights and were still going strong at the end of our stay! Something to aspire to.
  4. It was a cold, white Christmas, with lots of snow (my fav kind of Christmas) = skating and tobogganing! which resulted in lots of sore muscles and battered bodies, but it was good fun. Alas, we did not have time to go boarding, but at least we got our winter fun fix!

Besides all that, stories were shared about our parents’ and uncles’ childhood, a full on debate was had over the meaning of the name of their home village, and there was a multi-day model helicopter flying competition (surprisingly difficult to steer!). Sammy was cooed over and passed around from one pair of arms to the next, with everyone fighting to get in their quality Sammy-time. Amazing how this little one has stolen all of our hearts.

I’m so glad I got to go home and spend Christmas with my wonderful family. Here are a few snaps of the moments and feasts:

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