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My little project to grow cherry tomatoes has finally yielded fruit (pun intended). I picked out two types of tomato seedlings from Walmart, “Cupid” (red) and “Yellow Pear” (…yellow). They were supposed to take 72 days to grow and produce fruit, but in a scarce two months, my babies have gone from this: 

To this:


Cupid on the left, Yellow Pear on the right. Cupid was almost as tall as me before I had to lop off the top foot of the branch because it just could not support itself any longer (it had already fallen over once before I put up those trellises. I’ve never seen cherry tomato plants grow so tall in my life! Also because I’ve (read: mom) only ever tried growing them in Calgary, where the summer growing season is like two months shorter and you’re lucky if you get to eat ANY fully ripened tomatoes before the first frost… but I digress.

It’s been so ridiculously hot here (average temp for the past month: 30 degrees C before humidity) that they’ve simply exploded in growth. Not that I mind, as it means I’ll be able to eat lots before I leave at the end of August! There’s lots of little green tomatoes all over and the first branch has begun to ripen. Excitement!!! Feels amazing when you watch something grow and produce fruit as a result of taking (fairly) good care of it. And by “fairly” I mean I was not here any weekend in the summer thus far, therefore from Friday evening ’til Sunday night, they did not get watered. But hey! They did just fine! Definitely want to make this an annual project! And expand into herbs too… maybe some zucchini… mmm veggie garden…


3 thoughts on “Success!

  1. I grew the yellow pear ones last year. SO YUMS! There’s a sweetness to them that is AHMAZING when garden grown and harvested. Toss the two kinds of tomatoes together with basil and fresh buffalo mozza balls and balsamic vinegar. I’m salivating right now.

    Posted by reigh | July 26, 2012, 9:29 am


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