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The day that changed my life

The day began as usual: coming into the lab, analyzing a shwack of data. At mid-morning, my phone rings: a call from “Private Number” (I rarely get phone calls; if I do, 90% of the time it’s telemarketing). I look at it quizzically, tempted to not answer, but do anyway since I’m stuck in my analysis and can afford to spend 10 minutes on the phone rejecting a telemarketer. 


“Hello, may I speak with Grace Cheung?”


“Hi Grace, this is ____ ____from London Health Sciences.” 

My heart stops, my jaw drops. I think, “NO. WAY. NO WAY. NOWAYNOWAYNOWAYNOWAY!!”

“I’m calling because a spot has opened up in our dietetic internship program in the fall; another intern is no longer able to do it. I would like to offer you the position [I am hyperventilating, quietly though, so she doesn’t hear]. It begins October 15. You can take a few days to think about it and get back to me if you’d like.”

I accept on the spot. My Israel and Nepal trips flash through my mind for a millisecond, remembering my vow to go travelling in the fall come hell or high water, but THIS opportunity only comes once in a lifetime. [sidenote: I’ve been able to push the Israel trip up earlier, but Nepal will have to wait for next year]

I hang up the phone, grinning like a madman, call my bf, parents, and bff, and promptly start sobbing tears of joy whilst dancing around in my empty lab. Completely in shock and astonishment at the way God chose to work, because three days prior, I had read a note my friend posted on Facebook, about how God worked His perfect timing in her and her husband’s long search for a tenant when in fact they were newly pregnant – as a result, she deferred her acceptance to the LHS internship program for a year… opening up a spot for me.

I will never forget Thursday, June 14, 2012.

It’s incredible, because during the application and interview process earlier this year, I had told God that if I didn’t get a position, I’d accept it as a door closed, that He didn’t want me in the dietetics profession, and would look into other career options. Even though I was not nervous and was at peace throughout the whole process this time around, I secretly thought I had a pretty good chance of getting it, being in a masters’ degree and all. Obviously, trusting in my own abilities did not please God, so I was pretty disappointed when I found out that not only had I not been offered a position, there were no second round applications this year (strange because they always have a second round). It was then that I finally let go of my  efforts to become a dietitian, and along with that, my fears for an uncertain future. I began to look forward to the adventure I could have if I just trusted in God to lead me to the career He wanted me in, and earnestly started to look into other nutrition/food-related jobs.

Just as I let go of my own efforts, putting my complete trust in God and His plan for me, He unexpectedly drops this amazing blessing into my lap – what I’ve wanted and worked towards for the past 6 years. Another lesson in trust and His perfect timing

“… All the days ordained for me were written in your book
    before one of them came to be.” Psalm 139:16

Praise the Lord, oh my soul


4 thoughts on “The day that changed my life

  1. Yay!! Congrats!! God is good! =)
    Always about surrendering our “mighty” plans isn’t it.

    Posted by reigh | June 29, 2012, 8:21 am
  2. Grace, this makes me so happy! I’m glad I read this :) Congrats!

    Posted by ardicad | June 30, 2012, 5:28 pm

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