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In the presence of a holy God

All masks and facades that are put on daily to face the world are burned away. Left naked, I am exposed before a God who sees my essence, my very being. Everything is laid bare, there is nowhere to hide. I cannot do anything except cover my face and make myself as small as possible before the holy One. Long hidden sin exposed, I cry for mercy and forgiveness. I see my sin through His eyes, and am repulsed by myself, disgusted at the way I made light of Christ’s sacrifice for 5 long years. Yet in the moment of despair, certain of destruction, I feel His grace and mercy… forgiveness washes over me, and I see the Majesty. Pure, blinding light. Magnificent in His perfection, His power, His love for me, a sinner. I am overwhelmed with joy, enthralled with this vision of majesty. Reveling in His presence, enraptured. All I can speak is… Jesus is the Lord of all. Over, and over, and over.

I opened my eyes, and was disappointed to find myself still in this world, no longer in His presence. I now understand what the old theologians meant in their writings, when they were enraptured to merely look upon His countenance. A glimpse into what heaven will be like. Pure, utter joy, in the presence of the great I AM forever.

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One thought on “In the presence of a holy God

  1. Wow, how powerful and beautiful to be in His presence. His presence causes us to be washed in the river of His mercy and grace.

    Posted by leftnfree | January 8, 2014, 4:52 pm

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