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I’ve begun grad school back at Guelph, in a one-year Masters by Coursework program in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences, although my advisor is in the Applied Human Nutrition department. I had no idea what to expect going in to this, especially because I found out I got in about 2 weeks before the semester was to start and the last half of August became one big blur (though they were an awesome couple of weeks full of good food, friends and mini-trips).

After 1.5 weeks of bumming in Guelph, I finally met with my prof who had been in Sweden up until Monday, and had my first classes on Wednesday (all two of my classes are on Wednesdays!). In those two days, I was hit with a mountain-load of things to do:  a review paper for my prof that she wants to see if we can get published by the end of fall semester, and for classes, both individual and group papers & presentations, as well as weekly articles to be critiqued and learning logs to write. 

Honestly, it’s probably all very manageable, as long as I get myself organized. But it’s because I’ve been bumming for a year that I’m finding this all very overwhelming. To go from 10% brain usage to 100% is making my head spin. It feels like I’ve been dropped into an ocean of paper and I’m trying to figure out how to swim asap. A PhD student (somewhat) jokingly said that in order to get through grad school, all I need is a comfy chair and a footstool

That, and I’m playing tons of intramural sports (flag football, floor hockey, ultimate, and volleyball), and leading a worship team for ACF, and making time to go to fellowship and girls group n all that. I do believe it’s time to learn time management skills STAT.


One thought on “Deluge

  1. have fun =]

    Posted by tat | September 20, 2011, 10:15 am

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