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LXD love

Got curious about what Harry Shum Jr. was talking about since he keeps mentioning “LXD” as one of his side projects away from Glee. Turns out, the League of Extraordinary Dancers is an online series featuring dancers as superheroes. Addicting? Very. Created and directed by Jon M. Chu (director of the Step Up franchise), he has brought the best dancers from around the world (read: mostly Step Up alumni) to this project. Click here to see the first season, which basically introduces all the “good guy” characters (all episodes about 5-10 mins long). I definitely spent an entire night watching all of it + extras + Youtube stalking various LXD members (Daniel “Cloud” Campos <3). Anyways, while filming an episode onsite, Cloud decided to make good use of the space in the crew’s spare time by filming this hilariously creative Western short (Not only is he a crazy amazing bboy, he writes, shoots and directs his own shorts too** and makes his own music. How much talent can you possibly stuff into one person?!):

bahahaha tumbleweed fail XD

**Check out one of Cloud’s bboy battles here (he’s the one with the hat) – not only is he technically amazing, but he actually plays to the music. He uses the music to accentuate his moves, instead of just throwing technique around which many bboys do. This battle provides a perfect example of that. The guy he’s battling is just trying to string together tons of cool moves, which, I grant, is hard enough to do, but you can tell Cloud really feels the music that he’s dancing to. Dancers are like musicians: some have great, but robotic, technique, others have musicality along with their technique. You need both musicality and technique, working together, to be an amazing musician. On Cloud’s channel, you really see his artistic side shine through in his shorts – he somehow manages to use dancing to convey humour. It’s amazing to watch!

PS. I can’t get over how fast he can move his long legs @_@”


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