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I was clicking through my old blog on Xanga, and came across this post, written at the end of my first year in university. How fast time goes by; it has been 4 years since then. Some observations and questions that have now been answered since that post:

“these 4 years are the fastest years of your life” and i can already see that its true. i only have 3 more years here, and already in one year i’ve made good friends with people i know that i’ll be friends with for the rest of my life.

So true. We’ve come so far, and I love you all so much. 

what [will I] be like when i finally get to 4th year and am about to graduate? will i be like this years grads? who have been changed so much through the various struggles they’ve been through in their walk? how much of a different person will i be when i graduate? i’m not stupid – i KNOW God will be shaping me, molding me, into a vastly different person than i am today. i look forward to it, but i know that change will come with much difficulty and hard times.

Yes, God did use my university years to shape me and mold me; I am a vastly different person now than when I entered university, and yes, that change came with much difficulty and hard times (along with many good times too). 

looking at my fellow froshies…. how different will we as a group be? we’re pretty immature now… i wonder how each person will mature? what they’ll turn out like by the end of another 3 years of university?

Hahaha WELL… we still have our immature moments, but as a whole, we’ve learned when it is appropriate to be mature and when it’s fine to let our inner child out ^^. We’ve all changed a heckuva lot. If, as froshies, we were given a glimpse of who we’d be when we graduated, we would’ve been in complete disbelief. We grew so much in all aspects of life, especially spiritually. In third year, we suddenly blossomed and took on responsibilities within the fellowship, and never looked back. 

i also am VERY curious what next year’s froshes will be like. will they be like us this year? a big bunch of crazies? i wonder what leaders will emerge out of them.

As it turned out, it was a small bunch of not-that-crazies :P Fun and cute in first year, a couple of them did become leaders in the fellowship, and served in huge capacities too. It was awesome watching God raise them up to become leaders (especially a particularly homesick one who wanted to leave after one semester!)

another thought is how i’ll deal with being on committee next year. there are only 3 of us next year, so far anyway. its going to be a huge challenge, and i hope that i won’t forget to always lean on God and look to Him for my strength in coping with school and taking care of the fellowship stuff.

Oh man second year was probably one of the most challenging years of my life, serving-wise. We did struggle a lot with so few people on committee, but it forced us to rely on God completely, and He really did pull through in big ways for us. Throughout that year, we continuously prayed for God to raise up leaders from the (then-unwilling) fellowship members, and in answer to that, God doubled the committee members for the next year (and it has never been less than 6 people since then). He also kept adding more and more people to ACF’s numbers, and it really became a fellowship where people desired to know Him and follow Him. 

To the younger ones (and “older ones” :P) still in university, expect God to do great things, both in changing your life and the lives of those around you. Allow Him to use you, don’t be afraid to step up and lead, cling to Him because you are completely helpless without Him. He can only use those who know they are weak, and if you are able to fully realize your helplessness and cry out to Him, He will work amazing things in and through you. My prayers are always with you.



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