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Wanna see real, live bald eagles?

From the comfort of your home computer too! I recently came across this article about the 24-hour live streaming of the life and times of a pair of bald eagles and their nest with 3 eaglets (officially dubbed the “Decorah Eagles” as they reside in Decorah, Iowa). The Discovery channel is pretty cool with its documentaries/docudramas about the lives of animals, but this is raw, live footage, which gives it an extra “oomph” factor. Ever since the cameras were established in February of last year, people have had the chance to watch what goes on in a bald eagle’s day, but since they hatched their 3 eaglets in February of this year, the views have sky-rocketed. The live stream is now nearing 100 million views; compare that with the 72 million online viewers of Will and Kate’s royal wedding – although that was in the span of a day. The live streaming site gives answers to some FAQs and hosts a live chat room for those who want to share the experience. The most interesting fact to me? The nest is 6 feet across, 4 feet deep, and weighs about 1000 pounds!!!!! When I was a child, the bald eagle was my favorite bird (there used to be one that lived in the brush on the east side of Deerfoot, between Southland and Glenmore, but sadly it’s long gone now due to all the development in the area). It’s amazing that technology has come this far, to be able to unobtrusively observe such majestic creatures on the web! The live stream is definitely one of my home tabs now!

A still image from the live cams. Gorgeous bird, the epitome of strength and confidence.


2 thoughts on “Wanna see real, live bald eagles?

  1. Is it me…or is there a dead rabbit or squirrel on the bottom of that picture?

    Posted by shrieking gecko | May 19, 2011, 6:49 am

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