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You know stress is getting to you when you have a dream like this..

I didn’t think this year’s internship applications were THAT stressful until I had this dream last night after staying up til 3 am working on them. It was so vivid and real that I remember every single detail:

Kev and I had gone mountain climbing for the day (yes, in the winter, with lots of snow), and we had come back to the Market Mall parking lot where I had left my car. After he dropped me off I tried to start my car, but for some reason I couldn’t remember if I held the clutch down or not, so decided to give a little tap of the gas just to test it out (cuz you can’t hear anything in your dreams), WHILE in the stall still, with cars all around me.

As soon as I touched the gas pedal, my car slid forward super fast and hit my classmate Kaitlynn’s black Porsche, which then slid back super fast and the front (it was parked rear in) hit a beautiful blue Oldsmobile, flipped it up into the air, over a large hill, and onto my friend Judith’s car, which she happened to be sitting in (middle back seat). Though the car was completely crushed, for some reason she survived without a scratch.

So I watched all this in complete disbelief, and sprinted up the hill to see if anyone was hurt (thankfully none). Kaitlynn was super mad cuz I had destroyed her Porsche (I mean, who wouldn’t be?) and Judith and I were like PTL that you didn’t get hurt at all!!!

Then, instead of cops, an investigative journalist came and started accusing me of planning all this and trying to kill Judith. I was like “HOW COULD I POSSIBLY KNOW THAT AN OLDSMOBILE COULD FLIP THAT HIGH UP IN THE AIR WITH SUCH LOW IMPACT?!? I never took physics!! How could I possibly know how to calculate all those angles and velocity required?!” and she was like, “Well you can have a 1 hour live talk with me and try to prove your innocence” (on TV, cuz she was one of those Wendy Meester types). And I was so scared and angry cuz like seriously, no one in their right mind could POSSIBLY think that I could have planned all this.

Anyways, I called my parents to tell them I’d gotten into an accident, and they were like, “Is anyone hurt? Are you ok?” and I was fine so they didn’t freak out (for some reason I knew they’d be chill about this). So then while I was waiting for the cops to come, this is what was going on in my dream mind:

  • how did the car slid forward so quickly? The parking lot is snowy not icy!!
  • look at the pile of toys that flew from my backseat into my dash. It’s CLEARLY an accident (I do not know why I had a bunch of baby toys in the backseat, nor how a 1 foot space could have generated such momentum. Not like my 94 Civic has a jet engine attached)
  • how did Judith survive that? I guess the car must have bent around her (yes that was my thought pattern) – and then I started envisioning (in super-high-def-slo-mo, Mythbusters style) how the glass only cut thru her seatbelt, how debris narrowly missed her, etc.
  • man.. the FIRST time I get into an accident, and it’s THIS BAD. My insurance is going to go up so much >.<”

And then I got really stressed up about my upcoming “trial” and decided that I would call up Peter cuz he’s the only (almost) lawyer that I know, and I decided that I would say to him that this would be good case study practice for his exams.

I didn’t get around to calling him because at that moment, my alarm went off. I woke up so upset, until I realized that it was all just a dream, and I felt SO RELIEVED.  I seriously need to relax after all this is over. Seriously.

With this kind of imagination, I’d be amazing at incepting.


2 thoughts on “You know stress is getting to you when you have a dream like this..

  1. i blame the 36 wings you ate BEFORE all this happened.

    Posted by J | January 27, 2011, 11:15 am
  2. How do you remember so much…? =.= vivid!

    Posted by Liz | January 27, 2011, 5:26 pm

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