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So my mom basically called me butch


when she said, “Grace you should do Pilates instead of [P90x]. It would make you leaner… not so bulky. Fits your frame more.”

Thanks mom.

Although I suppose she has a point… I don’t think an Asian 5”4 frame was meant to become the ripped machine that P90x promises. Granted, it did kick me into shape, I lost a few inches everywhere, and I feel healthier, but my arms and legs are more muscled than I wanted, even though I’m doing the “Lean” schedule and only using 5 lb weights. I recently discovered that I can’t fit into a button up shirt that I used to wear in high school anymore, not because of stomach/torso size gains, but because my arms are too butch to fit through the arm holes (they are buttoned, so no give). Even more recently, while hunting for leather knee high boots, I discovered that I cannot wear the majority available in stores because my calves are now too big!!!!!! You cannot imagine how frustrating this is, unless you share the same plight as I. Bah, the downside to working out rears it’s ugly head =P

All this has made me seriously consider taking up Pilates again. I want that lean, toned, dancers body it claims to develop! Perhaps I’ll mix it up with P90 workouts to get some resistance training in there… and start running again to expedite the process.



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