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Voluntary pain

Closeup of the head of an epilator

Image via Wikipedia – mine has way more plucky bits, and more dense

Today, I inflicted pain on myself in 2 ways:

  1. P90x Chest & Back workout for the first time
  2. Epilating for the first time

Which is worse, you ask? Well, I sweat from physical exertion doing P90, (which is kind of nice because you know you’re working your body hard) and I sweat out of pure fear while epilating. You put it together.

For those who may not know what epilating is, an epilator is a little hand-held machine that looks a bit like an electric shaver, but it has a rotating head with tons of little pinching tweezers that spins very fast and pulls out hair as you run it over your skin. My mother used to pluck every single hair out of her legs when she was young (before they invented female razors); the epilator just speeds up that process. Kind of a mix of shaving and waxing, I suppose.

Don’t get me wrong, doing the chest & back workout (which alternates between different push-ups and chin-ups/pull-ups), was also pain, but knowing that every single hair on your leg is about to be plucked out is a whole other level. Last summer, my mom sat me down to pluck my legs (to give me a taste of how it used to be), and I was sweating so hard the whole time (palms, head AND feet). In retrospect, I think it’s more the anticipation of the pluck that makes me sweat more than the actual pain of the hair being pulled out of it’s follicle.

I suppose, then, that epilating is definitely more pleasant than plucking out individual hairs one by one, because it gets the job done faster. But I definitely prefer professional waxing over all the different methods of hair removal. Faster, cleaner, and far less painful (well, except shaving I suppose. No pain there unless you cut yourself). Also much more expensive, so for the new, unemployed graduate that I am, epilating will be the way to go.



5 thoughts on “Voluntary pain

  1. HA HA HA….love the description of your mom individually plucking for you. Sometimes when I’m too lazy to even epilate…I just individually pluck the dark ones off my shins. TMI. I know.

    Posted by And | December 9, 2010, 3:25 pm
  2. just keep it natural, grace. nothing wrong with that.
    shaving is just another example of how patriarchal society tries to keep us women down, forcing us to do inhumane things to ourselves just to satisfy a male-centric rubric of beauty.

    grace, you seem conflicted in your stance towards gender norms. p90x AND epilating? make up your mind and choose one, but for goodness sakes, be consistent!!

    Posted by jonathan | December 9, 2010, 6:21 pm

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