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Depressing, but determined

So I track my daily progress through P90X using a calendar in Word. I record what workout I’ve done in blue, physical activity other than P90 in orange, and when I don’t do anything I write “nothing” in red. P90X is a 6 days a week “extreme fitness” routine, and I started out pretty good (could never get the full 6 days down, cuz weekends meant hanging out with buddies all day). It felt awesome to workout almost every day, and I could definitely see the beginnings of change (tone replacing flab, pants beginning to loosen, etc.).

All my progress changed that fateful day on Sept. 29 when I got food poisoning, which laid me low for a couple days (it’s circled in green to mimic vomit. Not that I actually vomited thank goodness, but I was good friends with the toilet). After that, working out went downhill fast. Not only was I recovering from food poisoning, I moved houses and it took a while to settle down, and volunteering was getting busy with a bunch of deadlines. So in October, I worked out a grand total of 7 days. It’s rather ironic, considering that the week I got food poisoning, I was on track to actually work out the full 6 days of the week, and was looking forward to be able to see so much blue font. The day of, I even attempted starting the day’s yoga before I realized how weak I really felt and how much I needed the bathroom.

Now that it’s November, I am on Week 7 of the 13 weeks, when I should have been on Week 13... Woah thats crazy… realization hitting me that I could have been starting my last week if I had kept on track (oh yeah, the red capitalized writing at the bottom of October and November are motivating statements I wrote to myself, along the lines of “YOU BETTER BE RIPPED BY NOW”. Motivating, threatening, same thing). I wonder if, by the end of this, I’ll actually be fully toned, considering I’m not doing it every single day and I’m not following their diet plan.. just eating (mostly) a healthy and balanced diet.

It’s getting harder and harder to keep consistent in my routine, possibly because the videos get very repetitive after you’ve followed them so many times. Every 30 days, one or two new workouts are introduced, and my new one is pretty much crazy push-ups to infinity mixed with tricep work = X_X”  but… I love it. Maybe because it’s something new, but it’s actually kind of fun to see how many of the varying types of push-ups I can do before collapsing in a heap. I look forward to it every week. I also never knew there were so many ways to do a push-up. For example, you have clapping push-ups, where you clap your hands together at the top of the push before going back down. But that crazy Tony Horton, he not only claps his hands, he pushes his entire body off the floor and claps before hitting the ground. So he looks a bit like a frog actually, but it’s NUTS. My jaw actually dropped when he demonstrated it. I’m like, you… expect me… to do… THAT?!?!?!?! I’d be happy to be able to do it regularly with my feet planted on the ground (right now I can only do them on my knees). He has a ridiculously strong upper body, to be able to do that. Seriously insane how fit and ripped that guy is, and he’s in his 50’s now.

Anyway, at this rate, I should be done by Christmas. If I don’t skip any more days, which isn’t gonna happen, so I can hope to be done by the end of the year. And if I am still not done by the time 2011 hits, that’ll be my New Years Resolution: to complete P90X (and see if I’m crazy enough to do it a second time).



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