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new most-ridiculous-word I’ve ever seen


I recently came across this word when browsing around the net, and had do a double take as I tried to decipher the meaning of it (I rarely see words that I’m not familiar with, or can’t figure out straight away). Then my eyes drifted over to the picture of a model in super tight jeans and it clicked.

“Jeggings” = jeans + leggings.

The realization nearly made me puke in my mouth. I’ve been seeing them crop up around the malls, but just thought they were leggings that make you look like you’re wearing super tight jeans, yet still be comfortable in them. Never dreamed a term would be coined for it. And SUCH an unoriginal one. Seriously. Say the word out loud to yourself and hear how ridiculous it sounds coming out of your mouth. I can barely say it without an accompanying snicker. Then I saw it on ae.com as an actual jean CATEGORY, which further cemented how absurd this is.

What is wrong with calling it a “jean legging”? How lazy can one possibly be to have to shorten 3 syllables into 2? Oh dear Lord. T(w)eens now will actually consider this term as part of their vocabulary for the rest of their life.


One thought on “new most-ridiculous-word I’ve ever seen

  1. hopefully the word is short lived. Like the skort….or the spork.
    Maybe? Maybe???

    Posted by reigh | July 20, 2010, 9:08 am

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