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No, not in a car (I wish). The long-awaited, not anticipated, oft-dreaded feeling of floating about in life with no purpose has arrived!!!!! now that I’m done school for good. All that talk about finding work during the school year has to be put into action. Good gosh I can’t believe I just typed out that sentence of being done school. Makes me feel old, to talk about university in the past tense now…. T_T”

I’m surprised I haven’t written this post earlier (like T’s outraged statement the night after I finished exams that I hadn’t blogged about finishing yet haha). Just haven’t felt like it, until now I spose. I guess I’ve just been letting it slowly sink in, and catching up on lots of missed sleep x)

It feels really weird to be done. While writing my last exam it hit me that this’ll be the last time I fill in those bubble sheets, the last time I’ll be sitting in that classroom and walking out those doors, the last time I’ll be in that building, walking through that part of campus. All these “lasts“. Watching ppl leave for home, moving out.. it’s the end of an era. I’m seriously glad I didn’t have to move out right away; that’s postponed til end of July earliest. Packing and moving just gives a finality to things that’s saddening… especially watching your housemates (J & Q) leave ='(  I guess it’ll really hit me in September, when I don’t go back to school.

So now it’s on to the job hunt… It feels weird having to think about finding jobs that can give me the experience I need to be a better candidate for the dietetic internship selection next year. How quickly my focus in life switched from studying hard for finals to job hunting… and not just any old summer job either. This is it. For the first time I can say that I can work past August since I am finished school (?!?!?!) Staring me right in the face is the big “C” word… career.


One thought on “driffffft

  1. Ah….I remember my final semester….a giant abyss waiting at the end. All through university it was talk about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel…and then after being launched out into the light I found myself with nothing to hang onto. No semesters to count, no reading breaks to mark time by. You’re totally right though…it’ll feel REALLY weird come September when you don’t go back. But don’t sweat this period too much. You mad scramble to find a job and then soon enough you’ll be wishing you didn’t rush so you could have some time to unwind and see the world a bit. =) The pieces will come together, the journey will continue. Take each piece as part of the adventure. Welcome to the world of employment (or unemployment!)

    Posted by reigh | May 16, 2010, 8:10 pm

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