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exciting! for me anyway

no more classes!

And no more reports and papers and pseudo-lit reviews!!! Kinda ironic how I ended my undergrad classes with an all-nighter, which we used to pull for fun back in first/second year. All-nighters doing work sucks though. And then as soon as that report was done, it was off to the final wine lab of the year: a food and wine pairing! We were given chicken breast with 6 different sauces, the “typical” sauces (1 bechamel, 1 light gravy, 1 dark gravy, 1 tomatoey sauce, 1 hollandaise, 1 spicy thai-like sauce), and 2 each of white and red wine. And lots of bread. I was so hungry that I ate 3 dinner rolls, dipping them into the sauces haha. Good thing there was food though, cuz I was already kinda dizzy from lack of sleep/real food from the all-nighter that wine on its own would have been… not so good.

It’s rather surreal that I’ll never step foot into an undergrad class again (haha at first I typed “food”. Clearly where my mind is at the moment). I don’t think it’s quite hit me that I’m done classes forever. It has hit me that I am graduating though. Scary, yet exciting at the same time. I think I’m quite done with school. This last wave (giant wave) of reports and papers in the last couple weeks really drained me. This semester in general was full of them. I guess that’s fourth year for you though. No more midterm-final classes. All application, integration, research, writing. It’s better that way though, I suppose. Makes you think more about what you’ve learned and start to apply it through papers and the like.

Anyways, gotta start studying for my LAST FINALS EVERRRRRR. At least it’ll be more relaxing than working on papers. Except for that one take-home final that is two essays, 3 pages each (ahhh that’s SO LITTLE). Which will require much research. But thankfully the deadline was extended and I will have 3 days to work on it :) I shall remember this semester as the semester of a bazillion papers/reports, and extensions (seriously, I’ve never asked for extensions before, and this year, I both asked and got plenty!!).


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