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the final countdown

1 week of undergrad classes left. So surreal. And yet I’m so busy with school work deadlines that I can’t even take it all in. I feel like I’m always working, passing deadline after deadline, and before I know it, it’s April, and exams start week after next. I want to spend time with people… making these last university memories, but school deadlines take up all my time, except for a scant few hours here and there. I don’t think it’s even hit me that I’m less than one week away from being done undergrad classes forever. And so I just keep on going, following the routine. This is how 4 years passes so quickly. This last week of classes, I have something due almost every day. All term reports and a term paper. Crazy! Wish time would slow down… so that I can hold on to these last few weeks of uni. Graduation will be bittersweet.

Tonight was grad night at ACF. Soooo surreal that I was up there, on grad worship team, giving my grad encouragement spiel, which I totally forgot to prepare for so I just stuttered something out that I hope was coherent… and then just as quickly, the night was over, and it felt like just another ACF cuz I didn’t feel any finality about it, though it was definitely a fun time. Thanks for planning it! You know who you are :) Tat, I can’t believe you watch Sailor Moon enough to know about that video. Good memories on the slideshow for sure… all within the last 4 years. It’s been ridiculously fast.. Anyways, maybe the reason why it doesn’t feel like my last ACF is because I know I’ll be seeing everyone during exams anyway. Studying together, taking (many) study breaks together, eating together, doing random & stupid things together… all that good stuff. It’s not like we’re leaving for home the next day lol. So lets make the most of these last few weeks together :)


6 thoughts on “the final countdown

  1. i agree but…i also see the longer road ahead and how after all these…then…these moments shall end. More will come for the both of us, all of us really. We move onto another chapter of our lives. This doesn’t mean we’ll stop msning/ fb stalking/ or blog stalking :D well i don’t have a blog so just me stalking you but yeah..I’m gonna miss you. To the point where you already know lolz cause you’ve seen me express my sadness to you already but yeah…maybe this is the beginning of my spiel to you like what i wrote on your grad page..to be cont’d :)

    Posted by Shrieking Gecko | April 5, 2010, 10:39 pm
  2. I’ll see you this Thurs at Amanda’s restaurant and Fri for the grad dinner? Dress up! Take pics! <3 muah

    Posted by Elizabeth Lee | April 6, 2010, 8:43 am
  3. the final countdown!!! dun na na naaaaa dun na dun dun dun!!!

    but in all seriousness…at least you get to see some people over the summer and soak it all in then :)…you’ll do more things with your graduating year than I will have….and at least you don’t have to watch yet ANOTHER group of close people leave, while you’re still “stuck” here in guelph…this is my like 5th transition…..

    Posted by Jon | April 6, 2010, 8:56 am

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