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Americans get public healthcare

Obama just made history again, by signing a bill for publicly funded healthcare, to the chagrin of all Republicans. We’ll see how this holds up in the next elections. Pretty awesome for Americans though, to not have to worry so much anymore about unpredictable health emergencies. I guess free healthcare is one thing Canada can’t claim as being better than the States anymore, although we’ll see how “free” this new healthcare turns out to be. Congrats America! And good on you, Obama, for taking such a big risk in pushing hard for this legislation. This would probably help stimulate the economy too, since all that money Americans have to save for health emergencies can now be spent on consumer goods!


2 thoughts on “Americans get public healthcare

  1. haha you must’ve known that if i saw this post, i would participate
    they don’t have free healthcare per se; their system remains quite different from ours. instead, they have provided a safety net via insurance guarantee/affordability

    Posted by Bonnie | March 30, 2010, 1:00 pm
    • lol yes, i was expecting a comment from you :P
      good to know. huzzah Canada can keep that point on “better than U.S.” list!!
      this must have created some buzz in your classes..

      Posted by bygodsgrace | March 30, 2010, 1:12 pm

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