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last football game :'(

Last night was playoffs for intramural co-ed flag football, and what a night it was. We went in completely expecting to lose, and ended up winning our first game. That game was quite trying, as most of them were displaying very unsportsmanlike behaviour for the duration of the game. Everything from elbowing to picking (not allowed) to yelling at whoever the football was thrown to in hopes of distracting them and making them drop it, and trash talking like no tomorrow. In the face of that, I am SO proud of our team for keeping our cool, and being a witness to them by not talking back, not lashing out and continuing to cheer for plays made by both our team and their team. Even the ref was amazed at the level of sportsmanship we showed, and honestly it’s only by God’s grace that we were able to, because I know a quite few of us were getting ticked off, but didn’t lose it. Anyways, we ended up winning that game! We had gone in wanting to play hard (which we did) yet still lose (partially because we didn’t want to stay for another game haha…), but we ended up playing hard and winning.

Since we won, we moved on to play the next team, a MUCH better team both in skills and sportsmanship. It was definitely a pleasure to play them. Some of their plays were beastly…. that QB throws rockets… anyways our goal was ONE touchdown, just because last year during playoffs they beat us 96-0. Really it shoulda been 96-6 cuz I totally had that first touchdown, but thats another story. Anyways, the final score was 46-22, which is wayyyyyyyyyy better than we had hoped for!! In all, last night (in both games) we scored more than we did during the entire season! What a way to end it off. Not only going farther in playoffs than we thought we could, but being able to be a witness to the other teams and the refs through showing sportsmanlike behaviour and cheering for both sides (something the refs never see).

I can’t believe last night was the last time I’ll play football in university… makes me so sad to know that. Been thinking back to when I started playing by being convinced to give it a try in first year. Kinda makes me laugh cuz I used to be afraid of catching the football, cuz they do hurt a bit, what with the high possibility of jamming fingers if you don’t catch it right, and the awkward bounce that could very well send it into your face. But now, I relish that satisfying *thunk* into your chest and/or arms and that surge of adrenaline and energy as you race towards the endzone, trying to avoid big, tall ppl all trying to stop you. It’s pretty much one of the best feelings ever. I also used to be totally unable to play a whole game without subs cuz I’d just run out of energy and stamina (and breath), but last night we girls had no subs, and JLee, JChen and I played every minute of both games without dying (proud of you girls!!!!) AND got quite a few touchdowns and conversions between the 3 of us! I wasn’t even super tired by the end of it. Thank goodness neither team had hardcore running girls :P

It’s been a good run, these 4 years, playing with the different variations of the ACF Alligators. It’s always been meant to be another branch of ministry for ACF, but I feel it was really this year that we truly became a witness on the field, both to non-ACFers who joined our team, and to the ppl we played against (and the refs too). I’m proud of our team for being able to glorify God in this way, and what a GREAT way to end off 4 years of intramural football.

[edit: grammar errors fixed! thx T]


2 thoughts on “last football game :'(

  1. AMEN! :'( it brings tears to know that it’ll be your last one as well…I shall miss you and your beastly catches and man…when that tall guy picked you up to get your flag all i saw were you like those hamsters on a running wheel keep moving your feet.

    Posted by Shrieking Gecko | March 15, 2010, 9:39 am
    • LOL he picked me up? i totally don’t remember that. i only remember feeling restrained and just kept trying to run lol. nice to know i looked like a hamster on a wheel xD

      Posted by bygodsgrace | March 15, 2010, 10:01 am

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