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Olympic withdrawal

I must say, this Vancouver 2010 Winter Games has definitely made me become more patriotic than I ever have in my entire life put together. I never knew speedskating could be so enthralling. All new respect for what goes on in the Olympic Oval back home in Calgary. Also seeing Evgeni Plushenko fail in his quest for repeating Olympic gold after all his talk… kinda funny. The future of figure skating will definitely turn out to be quite interesting… what with not necessarily having to do a quad ‘n all. And now, Alexandre Bilodeau is a household name. How weird is that gonna be for him? Making history with 14 golds, 1st ice dance gold, and watching that golden, game-winning goal over the US was pretty freakin’ epic. So this is what Canadian athletes can do with some real funding. Wonder if they’ll get the same kind of funding for the Summer Games. And all further Games. If not, I anticipate some controversy.

PS. I always wondered how NHL team atmosphere feels like after the Olympics… I mean you just spent the last couple weeks competing tooth and nail against your own teammates. And now you’re back on the same team, goin’ for the Cup. Wonder if theres much post-Olympics ill-will in the change room for a while…

PPS. I feel like theres nothing exciting to watch on TV anymore.



3 thoughts on “Olympic withdrawal

  1. haha i feel kinda the same way…not as much withdrawl as some back home but i totally get what you mean by NHL teammates…i wondered that too!!

    PS. it’s not like there’s nothing exciting on TV but more like my excuse for watching TV has left and now that Olympics are over, so is my excuse lolz my once in 4 years excuse that only recently start to be an excuse haha.

    PSS. Glee is coming back soon!!!!! watch the promo if you haven’t already done so!!! so psyched!!

    Posted by Shrieking Gecko | March 4, 2010, 3:31 pm
    • yeahh i can’t wait for glee. chuck’s not AS good now, i find…. maybe cuz i’m so against chuck and sarah NOT being together. still good, but not as good.
      and YES i saw the promo for glee!!! CANNOT WAITTTTTTTTTTT

      Posted by bygodsgrace | March 4, 2010, 3:46 pm
  2. They’re friends right? I think it’s more weird for them to play against each other coz they’re so used to playing with each other all the time. NHL will be back to normal!

    Posted by Elizabeth Lee | March 4, 2010, 5:38 pm

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