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uh.. huh.

So, Sir Elton John has called Jesus Christ a gay intellectual. What the?! You can just google Elton John and look at the news results for all the hubbub he caused with that comment. Here’s one of them:


Its weird cuz he calls Jesus compassionate and forgiving, and gives reasons for seeing that, but where does he get this gay man part from?

This is what he said to clarify his previous comments:


I think its a lame cover up. Yes you can believe what you want, but how could you NOT expect to cause a controversy with such a comment, sir? You are, after all, only the most high-profile gay man on earth.

I suppose I COULD perhaps see where he may have gotten that idea from, seeing as Jesus never married and had His 12 disciples (+ others) following Him everywhere, but He was a rabbi (a teacher), and all rabbi’s had disciples, and in those days only men were allowed to be educated. Just goes to show that even though people may be able to see Jesus’ human characteristics, to be able to understand that He was God incarnate is something that only God Himself can reveal. And because He was God in human form, of course he was compassionate and forgiving, and since He condemns homosexuality as a sin, of course he wasn’t gay. Btw, Sir John, you missed out on the parts about Jesus’ righteous anger over sin. Another example of needing to read the Bible in context…



One thought on “uh.. huh.

  1. odd odd odd. what an odd man.

    Posted by jycw | February 23, 2010, 12:35 pm

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