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time: Inexorable

I can’t believe the winter break is over. It flew by. When I was packing for school, I felt like I had just unpacked everything and was settling in at home. And now, I am on the brink of starting my last semester in university. Who would have thought I’d get here so soon? In first-third years, fourth year seemed like territory for the older ones who’ve gone before me – distant territory that I would eventually experience but not for a while. Well, “not for a while” is now. What a scary thought. Four years has flown by in the blink of an eye. Can’t believe I am telling ppl I’m going to be graduating… and when ppl ask me my post-grad plans, I give my usual spiel of applying for masters & internships, both being uber competitive, and my doubts of getting into either, which would result in a job hunt… likely in Ontario. When I think of the rest who have graduated before me and their attitude in their last semester… it was one of relief. They wanted to be done, were ready to be done with school. Looking forward to starting careers. Yet I am clinging on to every last shred of student-hood that I can.

The fear of the unknown is likely whats causing me to hold on tight to a life that I know and love. When Feb/March rolls around and ppl get accept/rejection emails (ha, not even letters anymore), I guess I’ll be a little more calm because I’ll know what I need to do, and start planning.

Apart from personal life, I wonder who will become the leaders of next year’s ACF. Of course, I am most interested in who will take over my Bible Study Coordinator position. I hope the younger ones will take the opportunity to come see how we write a Bible study from scratch. They could always resort to following pre-written studies, but I find you learn the most when you yourself dig into the Word to see what God wants to say to us. There’s nothing more exciting than being enlightened with the meaning of a passage, because you know that right there, in that moment, God is speaking to you and allowing you to understand what He said. Thats why I do it, and thats why I love it.

I know there are many misgivings as to their own ability/readiness to lead/write Bible studies, but you gotta start somewhere, and would you rather learn to swim with a lifeguard at hand or without one? At least, if they give it a try this semester, we’ll be there to help, rather than no help next year. And its a cool experience to take the leap and trust what the Bible says – that God works through our weaknesses and is most glorified by them.



One thought on “time: Inexorable

  1. yes! the Word of God is amazing

    Posted by alex | January 11, 2010, 3:42 pm

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