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bus doors

Are apparently difficult to open. The door at the middle/back of the bus. The ones that are motion sensored (but people don’t seem to realize that). I can see why, since the sticker on the door says “Touch Here to Open Door”. Its rather misleading. People will repeatedly slap the door in their efforts to exit the bus, when really a simple wave of the hand will suffice. In fact, if you touch the door, it won’t open.

I understand when people get confused at the beginning of the year, but when I continue to see people trying to open the door via slapping or hitting to no avail halfway-end of the year, I must give vent to thoughts such as these:

“Are they blind? Have they never witnessed someone opening the door easily and nonchalantly with a wave of their hand?” (Because exiting the bus in a nonchalant way is essential to a student’s “cool” factor. It also distinguishes between the frosh and the upper years).

Sometimes I am very tempted to get up and help them open the door by waving my hand in front of their face, which, as it is in such close proximity to the door, will open the door. Today was one such instance. I suppose I should be patient though; it is only the first week of school (feels like forever).



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