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accidents happen, or so I try to tell myself

trying not to freak out. trying to keep things in perspective. thats its only electronics. nobody died. its only a personal disaster. the fault of ignorance. not knowing that a recovery disc would in fact, reformat. the biggest loss? the pictures from the summer. everything else prior to returning to calgary is backed up on my external hard drive… in guelph. and many important documents, like my latest resume, are in my email.

the original problem? windows wouldn’t load. the error message said i had to reinstall windows. which led to my dad suggesting i try his recovery disc. which led to reformatting, and freaking out.

i’ve calmed down now, the day after. its strange and surreal to turn on my laptop and see an unfamiliar desktop, with no RocketDock or Rainlendar, iconless. without Rainlendar, i now have no clue what i had planned for the days, weeks and months ahead. that was my day planner. even the msn i downloaded is different. the only familar thing is the internet.  and even with the internet, still getting used to Google Chrome (it rawks Firefox’s and IE’s sawks). i’ve lost Office 2007, since i don’t have the disc with me, and for some reason am unable to install Office 2003 (“incorrect product key”) (i hate Office 03, so trying to install it is an indication of desperation). i feel lost without the convenience i had built into my laptop.

perhaps this is God’s way of showing me that i’ve depended on my laptop and all its conveniences far too much.

at least my laptop is speedy gonzales now.


One thought on “accidents happen, or so I try to tell myself

  1. oh no!!! you reformatted the entire laptop??!!?
    yeah I don’t know much about computer lingo but it would suck to have everything erased. I would cry if I lost my last 5 years worth of pictures!
    zomgoshh! I use rocketdock as well!! it’s the only thing i like about macbooks – the dock thing =]
    and you’re right, our world has become really dependent on our technologies like our iphones and laptops. Jason and I talk to each other over msn even when we’re like a door away from each other. =S

    Posted by grayciee | July 21, 2009, 3:04 am

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