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Food Service Assistant @ Carewest Glenmore entails:

a lot of cleaning, a little food handling. this is a day in the life of a shift aka 8 hrs of standing manual labour:

  • restock vending machines
  • pick up dirty dishes from all the units in the building
  • put dishes thru industrial strength-less than-one-minute-per-load dishwasher
  • change the jam dishes
  • lunch break
  • receive clean pots and dishes, put them away, prep various carts with clean dishes for various units (this goes on for about 2 hrs)
  • coffee break (much needed)
  • prep dinner drink cart
  • saran wrap muffins and cookies for next day
  • prep any catering orders (YAY i get to work with FOOD)
  • supper break
  • set up drink stations in dining room
  • man the till
  • gather up empty drink apparati
  • clean serveries (things that hold food to be served)
  • wipe down tables in dining rooms

if you read all that, kudos to you. this is me trying to memorize my duties. a bit disappointed in the lack of actual food handling, but very grateful and blessed to be randomly called up for a job in a clinical kitchen. its a love-hate relationship.


2 thoughts on “Food Service Assistant @ Carewest Glenmore entails:

  1. GRACE!
    bahahhahahha your job seems more fun than school!
    less than-one-minute-per-load dishwasher? that doesnt sound very hygenic. now i know why the plates in res are always so nasty. they must have the same dishwasher! LOL

    Posted by grayciee | June 28, 2009, 9:22 pm
    • haha yeah its super fast. but uses super hot water. i basically get a steam facial everyday. so theoretically my skin should be amazing. but really at the end of each shift its covered with a layer of grease, even tho i don’t actually cook and am not near the stoves/ovens really. its an interesting effect. maybe the steam is greasy (ew)

      Posted by bygodsgrace | July 6, 2009, 10:41 pm

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