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I feel better after yesterday’s fiasco. Especially after taking L&C’s S2000 out for a spin. This is not to say that I am so easily bought/appeased by a sports car (although I must admit that would be VERY hard to turn a nose up at) (and the car isn’t even that person’s). We have become expert at pretending things never happened (but thats a story for another day). After a great time of catching up and being intro’d to an amazing new consignment store (GREAT finds!!), we returned to L’s house to play GT5 on PS3 (pleasantly realistic, for a videogame) and Costco creme brulee (also pleasantly close to the real, chef-made deal). C was doing some maintenance on his baby (read: S2000), and L, remembering my love for said baby, offered to let me take it for a spin. Needless to say, there was much squealing on my part. We caught a rare patch of non-rain/snow/hail and headed out (crazy weather today, as expected for Calgary I s’pose).

That car is a thing of beauty: engine, handling, looks and all. I do not presume to know all the specs, but this is what I do know and experienced:

  • 250 hp in contrast to my ’93 Civic’s 109 hp.
  • The VROOM that matches the hp (my lil Civic with it’s hole in the muffler also makes a VROOM. But its all bark and no bite).
  • Honda’s trademark smooth gear box.
  • The dinky lil gear shift that you can flip backwards and forwards with a twitch of the hand.
  • Going from 0-60 km/h in about 4 seconds on first gear.
  • Speeding because you don’t even realize that you’ve reached and surpassed the speed limit two minutes ago.
  • With top down, the amazing phenomenon of no blind spots.
  • The sensitive handling.
  • The sheer joy of power and speed in your hands.

Gosh I wish I could drop 40 grand (give or take a couple grand) on a baby like this.


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