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And thats third year

I am officially 3/4 of the way done my undergraduate degree. Ridiculous how time flies. I recently asked my mom what grade some of the kids in church are in now, and when she said high school I almost fell off my seat. Funny how when you leave a place, in your mind the people you know freeze in time. They stay forever at the age you last saw them in, even though you yourself continue to age.

I can’t believe that I will be introducing myself as 4th year to the new frosh in September. And they’ll see me as I saw Sandy, Iris, Johnson, Eric(s), Letty, and all the rest when I entered 1st year. As I told the frosh this year, time only goes faster from here. As I was told by my 4th years, “You’ll be in 4th year before you know it!”. And how true that is, because indeed I am now entering 4th year before I know it. Admittedly, I enjoyed my courses much more this year than I ever had before, since everything is becoming specific to the nutrition field. I think I’d like to stay in 3rd year forever. I think its the best year because you’re an upper year but don’t have to face graduation, the real world, and the choices they demand of you.

I’m scared of the real world. Just thinking of graduation and the many choices after that (career, where to live, etc.) gives me the shakes. Fourth year is all about applying for dietetic internships and masters programs (both highly competitive, and being in a class of high achievers… its rather daunting). I trust that God will put me where He can best use me, but that doesn’t mean that He hands me a map of where I’m supposed to be in the next few years, with exact locations and “how to’s” (if only!). The fact that I believe in a God who wills the best for me (whether it be good or bad in human terms) is a comfort. But as an imperfect human being continually sanctified by His grace, its still hard for me to quell all worries. Even now, back in Calgary and job searching, I’m trying to find a job related to the dietetic field, and if not, at least something foodsevice/management related. This is so that when I apply for the internship, I will have some relevant experience that will make up for barely-at-the-cut-off-point marks. So much pressure now that I really do have to think about the future…


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