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Goodbye Grovum

Today was the last mammalian physiology class. Dr. Grovum (my digestive phys prof) said, “Thank you for being a wonderful class” *normal applause for the last class of a semester* He bows. Then he adds, “I think I should inform you, that this is also my last lecture, as I will be retiring as of 1 September” *class surprise* … *applause again, this time longer and more sincere*

When I told Jon, he speculated that Grovum might have been one of those prof’s who were offered the early retirement package due to the university’s budget cuts. It’s too bad, really, because Grovum is an excellent lecturerer (I guess after all these years if you haven’t got that down pat, theres something wrong). Yes, he doesn’t provide us with notes (he gave us a huge package of pictures, diagrams, figures and charts) and hence forces you to take your own notes, but he was always entertaining and could hold our attention through the full class time. Between different topics, he’d put the lamest jokes up for us to giggle at (you couldn’t be sure whether people were laughing at the joke or the fact that he was trying his darnest to make us laugh and relax). He’s the steroetypical prof: mismatching shirt and wool jacket, pocket protector crammed full of pens, the combover and the pot belly. But he knows his stuff inside and out – he never had notes or anything to go off of, only “old-fashioned” over head transparencies. He’s able to teach us everything in detail without skipping a beat (well sometimes he has an occasional brain fart… a “loh fah” moment). I’ll definitely miss have such an excellent prof teach us.

It’s funny. This year I antcipated both semesters of mammalian physiology to be the class I’d hate because everyone said that it was the hardest class in our program. But I have thoroughly enjoyed both semesters of it (covering neurophys, endocrinolgy, reproductive phys, cardiovascular and respiratory phys, renal phys and now digestive phys). This has honestly been my favorite course, and the material absolutely fascinates me. Ironically its also one of my highest marks, probably because I enjoy learning the material so much (I love learning how the body works) and put more effort into studying it.

Funny thing is, I enjoy this class much more than my clinical nutrition class. Shouldn’t it be the opposite? A nutrition major finally taking a clinical nutrition class, where she can apply everything she’s learned? Maybe it was the prof’s (hated one of them, loved all the mam phys profs). Or maybe I’m just not as interested. Which is against everything my brain is telling me since I SHOULD be loving this nutrition stuff. Don’t get me wrong, clinical nutrition IS interesting (learning about all the medical conditions caused in some way by diet and how to treat it), but mam phys is just… FASCINATING. Sometimes I wonder if I’m in the right program…



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