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So I didn’t know Barack Obama was to be inaugurated into the American presidency last week. In fact, I was at a mentorship session with my mentee when the cafeteria TV”s suddenly started blaring his speech, and truth be told, I was quite annoyed at this untimely interruption. I couldn’t hear her over his speech! I thought he was just holding some sort of large public gathering and therefore disregarded (and perhaps felt disdain toward) this momentous occasion in history.

The fact that the screen had “Live” in the top left hand corner tipped me off that this could be something important, but I thought he had already been inaugurated when he won the election (shows my knowledge [read: ignorance] of American politics. Or politics in general). In fact, I was so irked that I complained about it to my friend, who promptly enlightened me, to my embarrassment.

Another example of the university bubble I, along with many other science students, live in. I have no knowledge of the goings-on of the outside world, apart from momentous events such as the recent Black [insert day of week] when the economy took a dive, and Obama’s inauguration. And even these events only filter into my world post-occurance.

I really should start reading the news.



One thought on “the uni bubble

  1. switch into arts.
    and yes, Black Friday was quite momentous. Just like it is every year.

    Posted by Jonathan | January 25, 2009, 9:52 pm

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