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the contemplation of time, yet again

You know what I’ve always enjoyed… sitting on the bus facing backwards, because when you do that, you are watching time pass by. I always found it interesting because, at 50 km/h, time is going by.

Its already mid-third year.. where has the time gone? Feels like just yesterday when I entered university. (I swear I’ve said this every year) Actually it doesn’t really feel like yesterday. It did last year. Now I just feel panic that I’ll be graduating in a year and a half. I guess thats what happens when you pass the mid-way mark. Congratulations, you’re officially half-way through an undergraduate degree. Whoopie!

I never thought that I’d be where I am right now when I entered uni.. never thought I’d meet the people I have, or experienced and grown from those experiences the way I have. Every year I become more aware of the passage of these 4 years. I was told that they’d go fast ever since I was frosh, and now I’m saying that to the froshies this year. And they’re saying the exact same thing I did… “Yeah yeah..” not really believing it. But they’ll see. I’m at the age where I first met Jon, Dan and all the other older ones. I honestly thought I’d never make it to that age and be in that position to be called “upper years” (aka oldies). But here I am, contemplating this when I’m supposed to be studying.. How things have changed since first year. Of course I miss the way things used to be back in first and second year, but its a good different now. I love living with my housemates.

So now that its 3rd year, marks really start to count, since master’s apps look at your last 20 courses (3-4th yr). But I gotta keep my focus. Its not just about marks and how those marks can contribute toward continuing to post-graduate studies or trying to get a dietetic internship. Its about what I’m doing for God with these last 2 years I have left. How I can serve Him the best that I can and let Him guide me to where He wants me. Gotta find that balance between putting effort into school and giving it up to God to take control of.



One thought on “the contemplation of time, yet again

  1. did you know that if we manage to hit absolute zero, all particular motion ceases, and therefore, all time stops?
    Thank you, Mr. PbEr^2

    Posted by Jonathan | November 29, 2008, 1:21 am

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