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Saw this spiritual gifts survey off awyshair’s blog and decided to give it a go
Service   12                     
Helps   12                     
Administration   11                     
Hospitality   10                     
Teaching   10                     
Leadership   10                     
Faith   10                     
Word of Wisdom   9                     
Pastor   9                     
Mercy   9                     
Word of Knowledge   6                     
Giving   6                     
Exhortation   6                     
Discernment   6                     
Intercession   5                     
Evangelism   4                     
Apostleship   4                     
Missionary   4                     
Words of Prophecy   3                     
Martyrdom   3                     
Miracle Working   2                     
Healing   1                     
Gift of Tongues   0                     
Interpretation of Tongues   0                     
Celibacy   0                     

I’ve always wondered what my spiritual gifts were, ever since I first heard about them way back in jr high or high school. And I was always told that I’d eventually figure them out. Since then, whenever the topic would come in Sunday school or in sermons, I’d do the occasional survey or inventory to see if I could come up with my gift, but it never resulted in a concrete answer

I’ve come to realize, after all these years, that, to begin with, you don’t ever have just one gift (and I didn’t just realize it because of this survey). Different gifts often complement each other, and you have aspects of different gifts in you that allow you to be gifted in multiple areas. Also, I think the best way to figure out what you are spiritually gifted in is by looking back at your life – what you’ve done, why you’ve done certain things, the areas which you have served in, the people you have helped, how you’ve dealt with circumstances… I think you grow into your gift. As I grow older, I begin to see patterns in my life, and I realize that the things God has allowed me to experience have been developing spiritual gifts that I (unconsciously) use.

Hm it seems that leaving this post here seems incomplete, but schoolwork calls.


One thought on “spiritual gifts

  1. It’s always neat to see how God has gifted another individual. And in looking forward, it’s exciting to think about how God will use these gifts in His kingdom. =)

    Posted by reigh | November 11, 2008, 3:36 pm

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