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For so many things this past year. Where do I even begin? The start of the year I suppose.

Jan – Apr 08

:: for finishing second year with a decent average, pulled up from first year massacre

:: for a new house in Guelph, for renewed relationships

May 08

:: a month of rest

June – Aug 08

:: an incredible job including making incredible friends, meeting very special people, learning more about how the world (sadly) works.. being shown how blessed I am to live the life that I do ~ a new perspective

:: going to Europe again – spending time with my Grandma and parents, seeing Italy, Greece and Turkey, getting fattened on the ship — grateful for the chance to see some of the Mediterranean

:: seeing close friends obey God’s call to enter the short-term missions field, and grow by leaps and bounds through their faith .. and wondering if I will be ever be called to go..

Sept 08

:: having incredible housemates; cooking, laughing, living together

:: learning a smidge of what my uncles went through to run a restaurant ~ a new perspective. Great groupmates (i.e. I haven’t wanted to kill them for incompetence like I hear many groups have)

:: the help of family when you are REALLY stuck with no where else to turn

:: meeting new, diverse frosh

:: a new aspect of serving – learning more about God and His Word

:: seeing spiritual growth in friends

:: another phase of our relationship; more understanding, better communication

Thank you Father for a year (so far) of blessings and learning experiences. Thank you for teaching me more about myself, the world, how people work.


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