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The Power of a Sale Tag

I swear, at the first sign of a sale tag, all reason goes out the window.

Case in point:

Shopping at Chinook, I was informed by some gf’s that there was a great sale going on at Aritzia. Under normal circumstances, I avoid the place like a plague because its all over-priced, teeny-boppers-who-spend-their-parent’s-money wear and therefore is the most ubiquitous clothing around (anyone who knows me knows that I much prefer unique pieces of clothing). I would refuse on that principal to buy anything with a TNA logo on it. That day though, my curiosity piqued, I decided to venture into that female zoo. I saw that indeed, the sales were quite good; 50-70% off! With numbers like that, who can resist? I started browsing and found a lovely blue dress and pair of shorts that fit very nicely, on sale for $25 and $27.50 respectively (originally $50 and $55).

I will admit, the dress is worth $25, but the shorts are definitely NOT worth $27.50. If that were a regular price I would not have even looked at them. But, as the red sale tag proclaimed $27.50 from $55, I felt like there was no reason NOT to buy them. The day after, as I regain my senses, I now realize that I could have done without the shorts.

Those are the first items I have ever bought from Aritzia (possibly last?), and I’m glad they don’t have the TNA logo on them.


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