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a new appreciation of life

Working in a neuro rehab unit with elderly stroke patients has completely enhanced my appreciation for a healthy body and a long life.

I never thought that something as simple as singing O Holy Night with just the “O” sound and simple guitar accompaniment could reduce someone to tears, and yet, one of the lady patients with severe aphasia had tears streaming down her eyes as we sang it in a music therapy session.

Another cute lil lady was impatiently awaiting her husband to come and visit her. She was told that he’d be arriving after 3 pm, but she was anxiously waiting for him by 2:30, refusing a therapy session because she didn’t want to miss him. Every five minutes she’d tap my shoulder and motion to ask what time it was, and then she’d shake her fist every time we’d joke that she’d beat him up for being late haha. And then when he finally came, her face lit up and she was positively glowing as he came and gave her a kiss. She started crying, from happiness I guess.

The way simple things make their day astounds me. Like today, a lady asked me to file her nails for her, so I did, and then two other ladies wanted me to do it for them. It made them so happy. We also took some patients outside to plant flowers in large boxes, and even though they’re confined to their wheelchairs, they still take great enjoyment from being outside, enjoying the sunshine and planting and watering things that will grow.

It makes me so ashamed for taking everything for granted.. being able to take care of myself and walk around, communicate effectively, and being healthy. I really like working here.


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