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After one and a half months of bumming around at home, I have been blessed with employment at Carewest Dr. Vernon Fanning Centre as a STEP (Summer Temporary Employment Program) student in the Neuro Rehab Unit, working under the 3 recreational therapists there. It was actually quite a surprise that I got accepted for the job.

The RT’s who did the second interview with me were incredibly nice, and I felt that the hour-long session went well. The only concern I had is that the program is a 10 week program, and we are paid for 10 weeks regardless of sick days and what not. You just have to make up missed hours after the 10 weeks if you happen to have missed any. But since I am going on vacation in exactly 10 weeks, if I was to work there I needed to start this Monday in order to fulfill the 10 week obligation. And the RT’s said they needed to interview another person next week, which would mean IF they chose to hire me, I’d have to work a whole lot of overtime to make up for lost hours.

At first I was a bit reluctant to tell them about my Aug. 10 vacation date, and the restriction that would put on me as a candidate for the job. It pretty much made me a pretty terrible choice since 1) I have no experience with stroke patients or really any type of patient, and 2) I had the 10 week restriction. So yeah basically I wasn’t so sure I’d get the job after I told them about the vacation since that would cut into 10 weeks if they still had to interview someone else next week. But I decided to trust God with it and informed them.

So after the interview, I went to Long & McQuade to pick up some guitar accessories, and when I got home I had a message on the answering machine, offering me the job!!! At first I was thinking they must’ve made a mistake, since the RT’s had just said at the interview an hour before that they needed to interview another candidate. But the next morning I got called to go in and do the paperwork!

Really thanking God for this huge blessing, because its my first step into the health care world, and against all odds I was offered the job. It’ll be challenging learning to communicate and work with the patients there, as they are all in the neuro rehab unit for therapy for some type of neurological condition. I’ll be conducting activities for groups of patients to do while they aren’t in therapy sessions, and it’ll be a challenge learning to deal with bored patients or patients who don’t want to participate for whatever reason. I’m just praying that God will give me the patience, courage, strength, and above all, love for these people, who have suddenly lost some sort of physical ability and are learning to cope with this major change in their lives.


One thought on “blessed.

  1. how’s your first week of work been so far? :)

    Posted by junjue | June 5, 2008, 1:10 am

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