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Two worlds, two lives, for two more years. And then?

How does one go about determining the place to which they belong? “Home”. Is it based on how many friends are in a place? Where a significant other is? If you have job there? Family? Sentimental attachment? ______?

I suppose the most obvious reasons would be schooling or working. But what about the transition between school and work? Degree and career? I have two years left to figure this conundrum out (of course theres lots of different transitions, but as this is my blog, I’m addressing my coming transition =p)

At the start of September 2006, I went away to Guelph confident that this would only be a 4 year deal and I’d be back in Calgary by April 2010. But situations changed and I found myself a life out there. And every time I return to Calgary, it’s hold on me seems to be less and less.

But what’s there not to love about Calgary? It’s close to the mountains, which I love, the air is still relatively unpolluted, the city is growing and along with it the culture and food, theres no PST (yay for being Albertan!). My roots are here. A huge chunk of who I am is here; the artsy side. I have access to a CAR here!!

What’s there to love about Toronto? Cheap, good food anywhere, anytime. Great shopping. And… thats about all I can think of in terms of Toronto pros. Of course good friends are in both places. Both Calgary and Toronto are super expensive to live in, but at least I don’t have to pay for living expenses in Calgary.

Lets say that the rock solid reasons for living in a place (permanent or otherwise), are

  • schooling
  • work

Lets say some solid reasons (not as rock solid) are

  • living expenses
  • environment
  • culture (arts and eats)

So lets say those 5 things are a given. What makes up the rest of a decision to live somewhere? To identify a place as your chosen home and where you belong?

Someone please tell me. I sure don’t know.


2 thoughts on “Two worlds, two lives, for two more years. And then?

  1. hm its funny when you said that each time you come back to Calgary, its hold on you seems to be less and less. gosh its so true.. and everything seems to keep moving and when you come back.. its seems so foreign :P like those new transit busses haha!

    but on the other hand, it is such a blessing to be able to put down roots in different places, to have mutliple places where you can call home :) to see different perspectives, invest in different friendships, and see God moving in different places :)

    i wish i could throw in a cheesy line like “home is where the heart is” (oh wait i just did haha!) but i’m sure God will open that door to where you will be!

    (i think i’ve secretly found my home here in vancouver… hahah!)

    Posted by junjue | May 19, 2008, 11:51 pm
  2. Like what junjue said…you totally put roots down in different places and your circle of “home” is that much bigger. It’s a blessing…..though when you have to choose, it’s a little bit of a curse. But hey, you have another 2 yrs before having to decide anyways….and maybe you’ll end up in a third location. =)


    Posted by reigh | May 20, 2008, 11:00 pm

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