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i. love. painkillers.

So I got caught up watching Casino Royale last night with my dad, and forgot to take my every-6-hours painkiller.  And then the pain came on… before when I took them pills on time, I couldn’t really feel anything. My jaw just feels extra heavy since its so swollen. But man.. even being late ONE hour in taking the painkiller… it HURTS.

Downsides to having your wisdom teeth removed all at once:

– I have to make a chart to keep track of which drugs I have to take at what time

– not allowed to blow my nose for 10 days (apparently the top teeth were really close to my sinuses, and if I blow my nose, well…. lets just say blood everywhere!

– able to eat nothing but jook, yogurt and popsicles. It wouldn’t be so bad if I had other channels on TV to watch other than the FOOD NETWORK (my dad and mom only opted to buy the food/home channels and the space channels…. hence the only thing to watch on TV is the Food network or the home decor channels) *recent addition: V8!! Yay liquefied veggies!!*

– being stuck at home because I have to rinse with salt water every 2 hours, take pills every 4 hours or so, and occasionally put gauze back on when the gums start to bleed a bit

– bad breath. Need I say more? Its hard to brush my teeth when I can’t even open my mouth enough to eat a popsicle. Granted a toothbrush is much thinner than a popsicle, but the point is I can’t really open my mouth much.


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