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less wise by 4 teeth

Sitting at home with my face puffed up like a chipmunk, on 3-4 types of drugs (2 painkillers, 1 antibiotic, 1 decongestant), getting princess treatment, eating jook, yogurt and popsicles, watching TV, anime, and movies. Ahhh this is the life!

My.. how sleeping drug technology has improved since last I was put under. Last time was at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, for surgery on my thumb. All I remember is being made to breathe sleeping gas through a huge tube. This time around, for wisdom teeth extraction, they did it through an IV. Basically, the anesthesiologist put the IV in my arm, then injected the sleeping drugs, said “Ok you’re all set! Have a good sleep!” and the next thing I knew, I woke up in the recovery room needing to pee like a racehorse. In fact, I wouldn’t have minded resting in the recovery room for longer, but the incredible urge to urinate drove me to get a nurse to bring me to the bathroom (cause I was very dizzy from the effects of the sleeping drugs still). I guess it was from the IV… the nurse even said to me (before I got knocked out) “Oops I guess we should slow the IV down.. don’t want you needing to pee!” Didn’t think she was that serious about it!!

Anyways, I’m glad the nurse who prepped me for the surgery was nice enough to admit that she couldn’t find my vein to insert the IV and did not want to poke me more than the one time necessary and that she would wait for the anesthesiologist to come and put it in. Thank God for humble nurses!!!!!!!!! (I hate needles)

I suppose the whole experience of getting my wisdom teeth pulled out hasn’t been too terrible. Minus the uncontrollable drooling (which has thankfully stopped) and the constant bleeding (also thankfully slowed to a trickle), it hasn’t been all too bad of an experience. Kudos to painkillers!!! I mean, getting to laze around on the couch all day with no nagging from the female parental unit to do something; in fact, I get fed jook and popsicles, get to watch as much TV as I want, and basically get to be Garfield. Complete with chubby cheeks. The cheeks are a bit of pain.. I can’t touch them without getting a little stab of pain, and it feels like my entire jaw is extremely heavy. But I thought it’d be a lot worse than this so I’m grateful that its not =D

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